Ramblings from the Painter
September 30,2012

You will notice that I have a series of Waterfalls on hand that I have done this summer. Lots of hiking to get to these falls, although Crystal Falls was last year when I went hiking with a friend to get a photo. I have done Swan Falls as well but that painting is on hold as there is a compositional problem I need to fix. Next waterfalls and water scenes will be of Lynn Canyon of which I got great photos of this year during new adventures. As I am not usually a landscape painter, I thought i would get out of my still life comfort zone and do some paintings of where I had fun the most in my travels. Next also will be of Bowen Island where I traveled extensively this summer with a friend. And also, it is great to get away for awhile from the "Red Phase" that I have been in for a few years...

Posted by Eileen Harder at 09:25


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