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June 03,2009
Hot Hot

I am living in an oven! But my plants are growing outside nicely. I am finally putting my commissioned peice together, one I had been struggling with. But it is hard to do this in this hot environment. I love oil paint especially in the Chiarascuro technique of black and white. When you start adding color then it gets a bit tricky. So alot of times I leave it black and white. Actually that is more trendy for today anyways. I like being a tonal painter and perhaps I will do more of that. Its more like a glorified drawing with oil paint on canvas. If you look at Einstien in the portrait gallery he is done in this fashion. Transferring your Chiarscuro to color demands that you follow the tonal variations you have done in black and white but in color. This can be tricky if you want to pay attention to color temperature too. It can look realistic in black and white but as soon as you place color down and if you shy away from following the tones you had before, it won't be the same. This is a very good lesson to learn and alot of painters need time to figure this out. Well, its time for sleep.

Posted by Eileen Harder at 11:03


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