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March 19,2009
haunted house and painting

Oh My Gawd..... I need art therapy. I am so frustrated right now...I want to rip it up and throw it out.... and my headache is not helping... I am trying to do this project for someone and it involves doing something that I don't usually do. It is so frustrating. The last time I got this way was when I was painting a still life in acrylic and it wasn't going anywhere and so I cracked the canvas over my knee and threw it across the room.. ok, calm down. Actually, there is a funny story involved with that particular painting. I was taking care of the Burnaby lake gallery for a few hours, while there I was trying to paint that picture ( I destroyed it at home, not in the gallery). Anyway, I have this thing, this phobia with alarms. I had to open the gallery and turn off the alarm, which this time was ok, before when I did this, I tripped over the metal step, didn't get to the alarm pad quick enough, and the alarm went off. Errh! Anyway, so this went well this time. Going to the gallery, turning off the alarm. Good. So this gallery is in an old house, with hardwood floors, 50's style lighting, its quite nice actually. So I am in there alone, quiet and peaceful, had my still life set up there, it was going quite well at the time. It was July and only a few people came in to see the art. It was my art at the time. When I paint I really concentrate, so when, yes, the Friggin alarm went off all by itself, I almost died. The alarm is so loud that it permeates the whole of deerlake. I rushed to the alarm pad and turned it off. My heart pounding like it was coming out of my chest. I am not sure why it went off. I wasn't anywhere near that thing. So a couple of minutes later, two firetrucks with their bellowing horns drive up and 10 firemen coming running into the house. The first thing I said was ,"I didn't do it!". My peaceful day went all the hell in five minutes. Apparently I learned later that there is supposedly a ghost in that house. And it figures that they would pull that one on me. I am an easy target. So I went home, tried to work on that painting again, and it was not good. That is when I threw it across the room in disdain. So this is the life of an artist!

Posted by Eileen Harder at 05:18


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