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August 26,2013

I will be studying landscapes so be prepared to see some more of them on here. Also, I will be studying how to paint in more of a subdued colder yet still low key, as my current tendency is for a hot low key palette... stay tuned!

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August 24,2013

You will notice a few small peices, namely 4" x 4" uploaded. These are study pieces in Oil. I don't usually paint so small. A few that I have done are not photographing well thus are not making up to the site. When I get a handle on that I will let you know when they are uploaded.

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August 12,2013
New painting

Please check out my new painting, "Alive", so named because someone said it looked so alive that he wanted to pick a poppy right out of the canvas... Although an impressionist piece, I suppose it is more aptly called "Loose Realism".. I did this while being very ill with the flu, in August of all things... Thus Grounded, I had to do something in between, sleeping, eating, sleeping etc.. so this is what I came up with...Just a reminder, all images on my site are protected by copyright law, no image shall be reproduced or copied in any way, thank you!

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