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November 24,2013

Teaching a lot means doing a lot of demo work in my classes. So I have to be 'on' so to speak a few hours a week. This has really honed my painting skills and especially in plein air technique which means 'all at once' as few painters practice this technique. I am definitely more of a layered style painter which is doing a painting in stages than all at once. Teaching keeps me busy but I do have three paintings on the that I have just not got back to. They are waiting patiently for me. I am also in a music phase as I was a classical guitar performer at 13 years old and was qualified to teach level one classical at that time but life took over. As my paintings wait for me its usually music wins over but just for the time being.

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November 19,2013
Copyright issues

Just a reminder, all photos of my work on this site or any other site of mine or any other artist or photographer are protected by Copyright law. Redistribution, copying, printing, copy use for personal art work or classroom work is not Legal. Any infringement of this law will result in prosecution to the highest extent of the law. I just attended an event where I met up with a very well known artist in this area and he just successfully Sued another artist for copying his work. Artists are not joking when they say its illegal to copy and they will take you to court. P.S Remember to check out the Anonymous art show on Thursday night at the North Vancouver community Council gallery.

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November 18,2013
Anonymous art show North Vancouver

I will have three paintings at the North Vancouver Community art council gallery that takes place on Nov. 21 at 7pm. This is a very popular event with over 800 paintings at the show. Arrive early as hundreds of people attend this very popular event

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