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May 14,2010
Audrey is here...

Audrey is in the Contemporary section now, by Joan... go take a look. These look great on the little 8" x 8" block canvases.... If you buy a set of 3 (Rosalind is coming soon) I will give you a deal.... Still painting, so much to do to get ready for hangings (not the rope kind) and shows....

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May 11,2010
Joan is here....

Go to the Contemporary section and see Joan... finished on an 8" x 8" deep canvas.. She kind of looks like Joan Crawford, the high brow, the discerning look..eyes that would pierce a harsh hole in your head.... Stay tuned for Audrey coming next....more demure and coy... These are meant really to be comical...Joan is. And to think we eat these little personalities.... I visit a place out in Pitt Meadows BC where on the trail by the Alouette River a farm sits. You can feed about 60 of these chickens out of a bubble gum machine dispenser. As you put a quarter in the machine and turn the handle, the chickens come running as fast as they can to greet you. Cheers.

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May 08,2010
what ever

I am currently working on Joan, Audrey and Rosalind....paintings in oil. Stay tuned...soon to be uploaded

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May 06,2010

Wow, seems I have not been here for awhile. At the moment, painting chickens on little 8" x8"....just have to name them. They all have personalities. Will be offering Tonal Drawing workshops if any of you are interested. It is the precursor to painting well and understanding the value scale. Please let me know if you would be interested in this workshop and give me an email at EileenHarder@shaw.ca My previous students have become great drawers and good beginning painters!

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