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February 12,2009
The Block

Blah blah blah. Its still sitting there, on the easel, yep, hasn't moved or been moved one bit, not one fraction closer to being worked on. Yep. This is a bad block. I mean, everything in me is creative, light and expressionful. But that just walked out the door, it took with it suitcases of energy and goals and spirted splashes of color. Oh whoas me......Help!!! Maybe something has hit my planet in the solar system.. That would be Uranus to be more exact. And no jokes please about my planet's name. Its my planet and I love it... ha ha. I do know that the Earth's poles are shifting. This I heard is a scientific fact and allegedly, its going to totally flip to the opposite poles in 2012... that is if you believe the Mayan calendar scenerio. Well, I was told that we operate on the Georgian Calendar which in translation would be that would happen in 2010. Being that we have only one year left to live, well, I guess we better live it up!!! If this was factual, I would be quitting my job and travelling the world I suppose. I would like to go back to Paris, my favorite place. And then go visit the french countryside. I definately would go to the French Riviera. I missed that when a friend and I went oh so long ago. This time though I would do it differently. Because we spanned about 12 countries in very little time, I missed the real flavor of places. I also missed alot of sleep! I would take my paints with me and do some real painting for a change. That might just do it. I mean get me out of this block. I told a friend today that hey, just get a can of kerosene and a match and just get rid of all the paintings, and I would feel nothing. Isn't that sad? Yep, something hit my planet.

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February 03,2009
The art of 'Bambi'

I was just reminded of Walt Disney's Bambi. I really really love this movie. I am not usually a fan of animation or cartoons, but the original Bambi was outstanding for the art work. I have had friends say, well, have you seen 'Cinderella' or any of the other movies. I have, but they do not compare with the original Bambi. And that is because they had the best artists in the world work on Bambi. I believe they were from Japan. If you look closely at the frames in the movie, you will see scenes painted in Soft Pastel and some in watercolor. Did you know that? It was so original, dramatic and fresh. The backlit lighting of the movie grabbed me as well as I am a real fan of that process and low key art. The paintings however were done on very small pieces of ground. They were not large paintings. Also, the story of Bambi was tragic yet compelling and reminds us that loss is a fact of life and if we try we can overcome anything. The Rain drop scene is outstanding as well. Whatever happened to this freshness and originality since then? I have not seen anything that compares to the original Bambi. I have this on VHS, but that is obsolete now in my house, so I am on the lookout for a DVD version. Wish me luck!

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