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January 31,2009
The influence of art

I have been thinking of how art influences how we see the world. Can you imagine a world without color? Can you imagine a world that is in black and white? I wonder if color blind people are affected mentally? OR are they? I suppose if they have never seen colors and just see tonal values they wouldn't know anything different. However if you went from seeing color then only black and white, I just wonder. I think art affects all of us, even those who do not value it.

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January 28,2009

I am now working on a mosaic for a book cover. I am not used to line drawing since I like using form and not line in my work. I never do a detailed drawing before a doing a painting. But its a good thing. And recently I was forced to do some line drawing in figure drawing classes too. That was interesting. I have done that before, the one minute pose, five minutes, then ten, then 30mins or an hour. That forces you to be quick on the draw (Pun intended). I tend to like portrait drawing and not figure drawing. And that is because I am forced to really take note of composition in figure drawing. Too much work....

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January 23,2009
Flowers and Olde ladies

Ok, now in the last week I am into Acrylic. One thing bugs me about Acrylic, well, my acrylics is that they do me justice with Still life but do me an injustice with Florals. One of the reasons I love oil painting is the soft blendy nature it gives to the painting. I can achieve this with acrylic with my still life, but with the florals it is different. I had created a new painting in acrylic with a floral theme only because of a time factor and acrylics are fast. However, I will try my new fast dry medium I have just purchased for my oils and try it again that way. I do love acrylic but it does have that plastic sort of appearance ( I guess because it is plastic!). My friend really likes my new floral but we are two old ladies and we like our florals like this!! I had a gallery owner once tell me that only old ladies like florals. Well then, I guess you won't be selling any florals in your gallery, they will all come to my place and buy them there!!!! And they are coming here to buy them. So there. Ok, well, I must go for now and dream up some more florals for us olde ladies.

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January 06,2009

Ok, so now we need a rubber dingy and paddles... instead of snowmobiles or Hummers..... I fully expect the three feet of snow to be gone by the weekend with this pineapple express coming tonite. But now we have to worry about flooding.... very nice. I am still working on my oils. I am reworking a kitten picture I started awhile ago. But basically I am so exhausted with work on the weekend and trying to get around in this snow and now flooding. I fully expected new and wonderful paintings this year. So keep watching!

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